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april 28th, 2012



“Pianist Meloni is pretty amazing…”

(Bruce Lee Gallanter – Downtown Music Gallery 2012)


A forceful pianist…”

(Simon Adams – Jazz Journal 2013)


“The pianist is spectacular on his own. Meloni is equally sympathetic as an accompanist…”

(Ken Waxman – Jazzword  2013)






 New release!


Picture Of A Quartet 

 Moods and Sketches
12 improvisations for piano



 © Big round Records 2016


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Picture Of A Quartet

Pictures of a Quartet
 Sebastiano Meloni, piano

 Paul Dunmall, tenor and soprano sax

 Sebastiano Dessanay, double bass

 Mark Sanders, drums

                             © Slam Productions 2012


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Improvised Pieces for Trio
Sebastiano Meloni, piano
Adriano Orrù, double bass
Tony Oxley, drums

© Big Round/Parma Recordings 2010

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Sebastiano Meloni, piano
Nicola Cossu, double bass
Roberto Dani, drums

© Slam Productions 2010

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Sebastiano Meloni: piano, flute, violin, flageolet, glockenspiel
Simona Bandino: vocals, alto & soprano sax, woodwinds
Massimo Tore: double bass, percussion
Roberto Pellegrini: drums, vibes, percussion, vocals

© 2011 TiConZero

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